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Isegrimm - Im Zeichen des ewigen Feuers

Im Zeichen des ewigen Feuers
Im Zeichen des ewigen Feuers
1. Overture
2. The Pillow Talk
3. The Táin Begins
4. The Boyhood Deeds Of Cú Chulainn
5. The Ambitions Of Queen Medb
6. The Curse Of The Ulstermen
7. The Gae Bolga
8. The Right Of Single Combat
9. The Chariot
10. The Discovery Of The Bull
11. The Goddess Morrigan
12. The Skirmishing
13. The Healing Powers Of Lugh
14. The Battle Frenzy & The Great Slaughter
15. The Death Of Ferdia
16. The Ulstermen Arise
17. The Last Battle
18. The Promise Of Fergus And The Retreat
19. The Ridge Of The Bull
20. The Wooing Of Emer
Total Time
June 3, 2020
Additional Details
"Im Zeichen des ewigen Feuers" is a compilation of songs that were all written to achieve a similar atmosphere. Many of them include vocals, which is kind of uncommon for the genre, I'd say. Basically just 1 hour of atmospheric synth music...

Track 1-3 are taken from the album "Ik Gihorta Dat Seggen"

Track 4 is an exclusive unreleased demo recording

Track 5 is a cover version from the album "Die Mauern der Nacht" written by the almighty Grimrik

Track 6 is taken from the album "Der Herr von Verona"

Track 7-10 are taken from the split album with Örnatorpet


all music composed by Isegrimm*

additional vocals:
Paolo Ferrante (track 1,2,3)
Chiara Gangemi (track 2,3)
Matt Seeb (track 1)

*except track 5 that is written by Grimrik
Cassette - Am-0095
November 22, 2020
June 3, 2020
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