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Ice Golem - I: Quest To The Ice Castle

I: Quest To The Ice Castle
I: Quest To The Ice Castle
1. Adventure Start
2. Travelling Through The Snowy Plains
3. Ambushed!!!
4. Dodging Ice Shards While Climbing The Frozen Cliffs
5. Lying Frostbitten In The Snow
6. The Mountain Passerby Heals You With A Life Potion And Scurries Off On His Way
7. Breaking Into The Ice Castle
8. Ice Golem Awaits Your Arrival
9. Searching The Frigid Castle Walls
10. Ascending The Crystal Stairs To The Throne Room
11. Confronting The Ice Golem
12. Final Battle!!!
13. You Are Victorious!!!
14. A Celebration Throughout The Kingdom (cassette exclusive)
15. Hooded Figure Delivers A Foreboding Message (cassette exclusive)
16. Minions Perform A Ritual Of Resurrection (cassette exclusive)
17. The Cave Of Eternal Flames Holds The Key (cassette exclusive)
Total Time
September 22, 2018
Additional Details
Ice Golem logo and cover art by Artifakt Art

Last four tracks are exclusive to the Ancient Meadow Records cassette edition.
September 22, 2018
Cassette - Am-0030
September 22, 2018
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