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Gnoll - The Citadel of Evil

The Citadel of Evil
The Citadel of Evil
1. Old School Dungeon Crawling
2. A Cold, Moist Tunnel
3. The Yellow Mist
4. Trapped in Giant Spiders Burrow
5. The Skulls... Speak!
6. Of Golem and Catacombs
7. Old, Dusty & Magic
8. Rusted Chains
9. Prisons
10. The Cult of Mud
11. The Face with the Knotted Tongue
12. On Torturous Path
13. Skirmish in Hobgoblins Headquarters
14. Bloody Dices
Total Time
February 24, 2018
Additional Details
Beware the powerful percussions, the blows of icy and sharp sounds, the brutal attack of analog synthesizers! This first release of GNOLL is the the soundtrack of an epic descent into a dungeon populated by weird creatures and unfathomable threats.
GNOLL is devoted to the visionary and bloodthirsty 70's heroic-fantasy literature, overflowing with baroque magic and arcane mystery, to Lin Carter, Karl E. Wagner and vintage Marvel comics based on characters by Robert E. Howard, as Conan and Kull.


"The Citadel of Evil" is the soundtrack of the homonymous OSR module for "Strange Magic" RPG, an old school dungeon crawling classic written by Stuart Robertson and edited in italy by Dungeoneer Games & Simulations (www.dungeoneer-games.it)
Module in ITA here: www.terradeigiochi.it
Module in ENG here: www.drivethrurpg.com
February 24, 2018
February 24, 2018
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