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Music for Dungeons
Music for Dungeons
1. Explorers of the Underworld - Part I
2. Explorers of the Underworld
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October 21, 2018
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Designed as a soundtrack of the solitary role-playing game titled "Dungeons" edited by Dungeoneer Games & Simulations, the second chapter of GNOLL is ideal for those who love dark vibrations and sense of wonder. With its analogic synthtizers and its thundering percussions will transport you into the atmosphere of the 70s comics of Conan the Barbarian and the classic silver age heroic-fantasy literature.

Artwork by the powerful Peter Pagano. 2018, Illustrations licensed to Heimat der Katastrophe by Dungeoneer Games & Simulations. Images may not be transferred to third parties without the consent of Dungeoneer Games & Simulations.
October 21, 2018
October 21, 2018
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