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Gnoll - Cro​-​man

1. The Quest for Iron
2. Long Time Ago, a Warrior...
3. Barbarian Sky
4. The Shaman Prophecy
5. The Dark Forest
6. The Fight in the Wilderness
7. Ancient Gods
8. The Wizard Plan
9. Under the Spell
10. The Final Battle
11. Such Strength... So Pure!
12. Cro-man Opening Theme
Total Time
September 25, 2020
Additional Details
"All music is composed, arranged & performed by GNOLL ensemble. The song "Such strenght...so pure!" is freely inspired from the song "Flames of the black star" of one of our mighty reference composer, David "The Lion" Defeis (Virgin Steele)"
Cassette (Hdk 71)
September 25, 2020
September 25, 2020
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December 22, 2020
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