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Elven Sorrow - Poemata Inferis Fluminibus

Poemata Inferis Fluminibus
Poemata Inferis Fluminibus
1. Katabasis
2. Okeanos
3. Styx
4. Pyriphlegethon
5. Lethe
6. Kokytos
7. Akheron
8. Anabasis
Total Time
February 25, 2022
Additional Details
Elven Sorrow's second full-length.
The album praises the rivers of the Greek underworld through 8 sonnets that accompany the 8 songs. Each one praises one of the rivers, and together with the descent, ascent and crossing of Okeanos, they narrate a Dantesque joruney through the mythological landscape.
Musically, the release continues in the style of the debut, offering a mix of Dark Ambient and Dungeon Synth.
All music done by Varg The Mighty
Artwork by Hekate Chthonia
February 25, 2022
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