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Elven Sorrow - A Rise And Fall To Be Forgotten

A Rise And Fall To Be Forgotten
A Rise And Fall To Be Forgotten
1. Part I: Arisen from the Sea
2. Part II: Prophecies Unveiled
3. Part III: Glory in Battle
4. Part IV: Hybris
5. Part V: Nemesis
6. Part VI: Despised Pride
7. Part VII: Condemned to be Forgotten
8. Part VIII: The End of Glory
9. Part IX: Lonely Downfall
10. Part X: Return to the Depths
Total Time
December 11, 2020
Additional Details
This is the debut album of Elven Sorrow. This release is based on the glory and misfortune of all those heroes lost in the tides of time, from where some shall arise but eventually everyone shall drown in the sea of perdition. The album reflects about those that have unrightfully drowned, whose deeds are worthy of numerous tales yet none has preserved until our times.

All music done by Varg The Mighty
Artwork by Hekate Chthonia
February 3, 2021
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