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Elffor - Three Emperors

Three Emperors
Three Emperors
1. Murgrind - Call from the Mountain of the Thrones
2. Murgrind - Riding with the Banner in the Sky
3. Murgrind - The Return to a World of Glory
4. Elffor - Caverns of the Deep
5. Barak Tor - The Path of Warriors (Our Legions Marching)
6. Barak Tor - The Magick Light Over The Dwarven Throne
7. Barak Tor - The Road of Kings (Enthroned in Blood and Glory)
Total Time
November 15, 2020
Additional Details
Split album featuring Murgrind, Elffor and Barak Tor.

Murgring: Songs 1-3 composed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Murgrind (Autumn 2019 - Spring 2020).
Elffor: Song 4 was recorded at Puerky Studios (anno 2020). Music and Lyrics by EOL.
Barak Tor: Songs 5-7 composed and recorded by Barbarian Wraith King (2019 - early 2020).
November 15, 2020
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