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Elderfrost - Defenders Of The Ancient Blasphemy

Defenders Of The Ancient Blasphemy
Defenders Of The Ancient Blasphemy
1. Sighisoara - 1456 A.D.
2. Wladislaus Dragwlya (Voivoda Partium Transalpinarum)
3. Beyond The Darkness (A Goblin Tribute)
4. Death Pact
5. Order Of The Dragon
6. Blasphemy From The Occult Resonance
7. Dark Symbiosis Through The Ancient Necromantic Ritual
8. Unholy Kult Of The Funeral Moon Ritual
9. Spectral Lament From The Necrotic Dark Abyss
10. Eternal Darkest Catechism In A Perpetual Dissonant Darkness
11. Obscure Majesty (Intro)
12. Funereal Blood Ritual Of The Spectral Vampire
13. Through The Ruins Of The Ancient Crypt
14. Dance Of Damned Nocturnal Souls
15. Cold Melancholy For An Eternal Damnation
Total Time
April 1, 2018
Additional Details
Ancient Meadow Records compilation box set release limited to 50 copies.

Comes in a "VHS style" cassette box with a paper insert and two stickers

Part 1: New Unreleased Songs
Part 2: Misanthropic Bloodkult Invocation
Part 3: Darkness Is Coming
Part 4: Ancient Blood Moon Ritual
Cassette - Am-0010
April 1, 2018
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