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Depressive Silence - Twenty-Five Years

Twenty-Five Years
Twenty-Five Years
1. Medieval Demons
2. Dark Side
3. D├╝sterwald
4. Forest Of Eternity
5. Depths Of The Oceans
6. Atmosphere
7. Mourning
8. Dreams
9. In Death's Sleep
10. To Die In Your Dreams
11. Black Visions
12. Journey To My Realm
13. Lost In My Dreams
14. Dark Soul
Total Time
January 16, 2020
Additional Details
Ancient Meadow Records Box Set. Contains Depressive Silence, Demo '96/Mourning, The Darkened Empires, and 7".

Limited to 300 hand numbered copies in oversized box with two posters, a patch, a sticker, an enamel pin and booklet. Gray Shells.
Cassette - Am-0060
January 16, 2020
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