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Conqueror's Mourn - Four Witnesses

Four Witnesses
Four Witnesses
1. The Wailing: "With my voice shall I weep all sorrows at our defeat, and the loss of our beloved."
2. The Wight: "I count among neither the victors nor the dead, and my wrath lingers after my wounds have closed - it begins to transform me."
3. The Watcher "I am in the square when they cart the dead through, and even with his skull crushed he still swings his sword."
4. The Weary: "These paths I wander glow with a celestial fire, and have healed my wounds, yet I do not know them.
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November 24, 2017
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For victors or conquered, the tolls of this war
Are seen in their faces, and heard in their cries
Not heroes or monsters, just witnesses four
All seeking the truth of a different demise

The Wailing, performing his personal grief
He shutters his losses to offer relief

The Wight, his plans thwarted, his corpus so maimed
Shall haunt like a wraith all the souls that remain

The Watcher. a child when she first lifts a sword
Sees the corpses display battle's final reward

The Weary, who lives, though a deathspell he faced,
now wanders forgotten through underground wastes

I hope you shall glean from this fate you abhor
The value of stories when glory's denied
But victor or not, in this phantasmagoria
Suffer the wounds in the depths of their minds.

Die Niederlagesänger - Compositions, Piano, synths/samples.

Artwork: Zeichnung der Adelsberger Grotte, 1885 (Michael Sachs), modified by Die Niederlagesänger.
November 24, 2017
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