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Castle Zagyx - The Frozen Moor Of Your Memories EP

The Frozen Moor Of Your Memories EP
The Frozen Moor Of Your Memories EP
1. Overture: End of Summer Season
2. Remembrance I: Carter's Antarctic Twilight
3. Remembrance II: Katabatic Winds
4. Remembrance III: Ittakka
5. Remembrance IV: Poulsen Arc / Ice Hole
Total Time
December 15, 2019
Additional Details
This is a one-way trip to the icy latitudes of your own mind. No matter how much you fight, the ice always ends up wrapping your memories.

Inspired by the works At the Mountains of Madness by H. P. Lovecraft, Antarctica by K. S. Robinson, Who Goes There? by J. W. Campbell; and the epic of the Northwest Passage.

Recorded, arranged, mixed and mastered by J. Arkham on Tyr Studios during December 2019.

Cover: Mawson's Australasian Antarctic Expedition, 1911-1914
Logo: Vojtěch Doubek www.moonrootart.com
December 15, 2019
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