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Bartizan Chill - Bizarre Ride To Belinde

Bizarre Ride To Belinde
Bizarre Ride To Belinde
1. Portal Sickness
2. On Azure Seas
3. Party Formation
4. In Verdant Jungles
5. Saffron Dirigible
6. Over Jagged Mountains
7. We Will Never Be Alone
Total Time
April 24, 2022
Additional Details
Belinde, a primal world of jagged mountains, verdant jungles, and azure seas. The world is primarily populated by humans, and a few dwarves.

Bizarre Ride To Belinde tells the story of the Namer of Worlds and their attempt to chart this untamed new realm.

This album has been created for the first Equinox Dungeon Rush challenge.

released April 24, 2022
April 24, 2022
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