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Astra Telepathica - Our Distant Stars

Our Distant Stars
Our Distant Stars
1. Emerging From the Warp
2. The Slumber of the God Machine
3. Looking Out The Window at a Drifting Wreck
4. Feudal-World Adventure-Quest
5. Scholastica Psykana
6. Afternoon Nap on an Agri-World
7. Space Hulk (Pt. 1 - Abandoned Halls)
8. Space Hulk (Pt. 2 - Abyssal Pull)
9. Following the Astronomican
10. Ancient Terra Halls
11. The Zone of Silence (Ruins)
12. The God-Machine Awakes
13. Tech-Priests of Mars
14. Our Distant Stars on Dim Horizons
Total Time
October 12, 2023
Additional Details
"Our thoughts light the Darkness that others may cross space.
We are one with the Emperor, our souls are joined in his will.
Praise the Emperor whose sacrifice is life as ours is death.
Hail his name the Master of Humanity." - The Credo of the Astronomican

"Though the darkness will be rent by noise and flame. Let not men's souls be broken in the crucible of war." - Preacher Veltros Theodorus

Album created, mixed and mastered by Welland Joyce
October 12, 2023
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