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Arcane Hand - Unholy Dream

Unholy Dream
Unholy Dream
1. Parameters
2. Tauchen
3. Channel (Ziehen)
4. Three Corpses
5. Channel (Drücken)
6. Mesmer
7. Innere
Total Time
August 11, 2020
Additional Details
All music written and performed by Schrätlein in 2020. Hardware used was KORG Volca Keys, Dave Smith Mopho, Kawai FS680, Yamaha PSR-3, Akai MPC1000, Boss RC-1, Ibanez LF7, Ibanez AD99

Cover photo by J. K. Potter, additional imagery by Demonskull

Intro narration from 'Hypnotized', Nightfall, CBC Radio, 1983
August 11, 2020
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