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Acheulean Forests - Primeval Forest

Primeval Forest
Primeval Forest
1. Camping Song
2. Marching Through the Nocturnal Woodlands
3. Insurgency of the Ant-Christian Hordes
4. A Sky Full of Rain Clouds
5. Upon Ancient Shores
6. Dreams of Purity
7. Ancient Beautiful Times
8. The Beauty of Forests
9. Through the Eyes of My Ancestors
10. The Ancient Woods of These Lands
11. Children Play in the Moonlit Woodlands
12. He Dreamt He Had Sailed and Then Ventured Into the Forests
13. The Nemophilist's Sorrow
14. The Witch's Woods
15. Mystical Forests of Eternity
16. Faeries Sing in the Lonely Dark Forests
Total Time
March 22, 2019
Additional Details
Primeval Forest collects the fantasy/medieval dungeon synth project’s first four releases from 2016.

Side A:
Tracks 1-4 originally appeared on Demo
Tracks 5-10 originally appeared on Ancient Forests of Purity

Side B:
Tracks 1-3 originally appeared on Dreams of Purity
Tracks 4-6 originally appeared on the Of Dark Forests and Fairytales split with Pale’s Winter
Cassette - Aer-003
March 22, 2019
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