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Acheulean Forests - Of Faerie

Of Faerie
Of Faerie
1. Autumnal Fairy Joy
2. Autumnal Sorrow (The Faerie Realm of Sorrow)
3. Dance of the Autumn Fairy
4. Goblins
5. I Wander the Night
6. King of the Faeiries
7. King of the Goblins
8. Mystical Forest of Mirth
9. Return of Night
10. The Forest Kingdom (Land of Fairy Mirth)
11. The Forest Realm of the Black Shadow (The Forest of Wicked Hags and Goblins)
12. The Wisdom of the Gnomes
Total Time
July 15, 2018
Additional Details
Enchanted Forests of Faerie Delight!

All music was written, recorded and performed by chieftainconifer

Album artwork by Bard Algol
July 15, 2018
Cassette - Am-0018
July 15, 2018
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