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Taurwen - A Wind Blows from the Mountain of Death

A Wind Blows from the Mountain of Death
A Wind Blows from the Mountain of Death
1. Intro
2. Rites of Spring
3. Waterspirit
4. The Last Farewell
5. Misty Path
6. In the Arms of the Night
7. Resurrection
8. Pale Sun
9. Dark Hills
10. Hum of the Forest (feat.Tir)
11. The Calm of the Mountains
Total Time
July 17, 2020
Additional Details
''The mighty hill visible through the old trees,
How beautiful yet afar.
Autumn, comes with the rustle of leaves.
The scent of a river that flows within your breeze.
The wind that bends the boughs of trees.
Forest, beneath your starlit skies,
Lie in the arms of the night and dance with it.
And when nature wakes up again
Now listen to this tragedy and accompany it!''

Taurwen influenced by the melancholic atmosphere of the medieval on this album. I've been working on this album for one year and I recorded it in the spring of 2020. I'll keep walking towards the dark horizon. Stay tuned!

Cassettes will be released by Hermetic Transmissions in September.
released July 18, 2020

All Intruments By Oguzhan Durukan
Mixed & Mastered: Oytun Bektas (aka Tir)
Recorded in Spring, 2020

Pictures by Edward Robert Hughes
Design and Layout: Oguzhan Durukan
Poem: Oguzhan Durukan
Hum of the Forest Guest Artist Tir (Featuring)
Digital, Cassette
September 1, 2020
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