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Spawn of Incantation - The Signs of Bochi

The Signs of Bochi
The Signs of Bochi
1. Necromantic Spell From the Dungeons Forgotten
2. The Return of the Infernal Hordes of Bochi
3. Ode to Bochi
4. Wrath of Aramkhutu
5. Rokap's Spell
6. Horns of Ochopintre
7. Dragon of Primordial Waters
8. Horned God Enthroned
9. Into the Dungeons of Transylvania
10. Glory to Astaroth
11. Scroll of the Black Flame
12. Pear of Anguish
13. The Fires of Moloch Burn Before the Throne of Satan
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June 21, 2020
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June 21, 2020
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June 21, 2020
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