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Malfet - Alban Arthan

Alban Arthan
Alban Arthan
1. The Penumbral Grove
2. Lost In Shadow, We Sought Your Radiance
3. Regina Quondam, Reginaque Futurus
4. Sage and Cedar Adorn His Antlered Crown Aflame
5. On the Tree That None May Ever Know
6. Alban Arthan
7. The Sadness Of Her Might
8. Wanderer, May You Pass Through Evermore Verdant Realms
9. Naught But Worn-Out Joy
Total Time
October 2, 2020
Additional Details
Alban Arthan (“the Light of Arthur”) is named for a modern druidic celebration of the dawning of a new year, wherein the Oak King returns to wrestle power away from the Holly King, gradually driving out wintry darkness with dawning sunlight as the eternal wheel of seasons turns.

Malfet’s third full-length album is a rumination on dreams and death. The flickering torchlight and subterranean abysses of mourning are tempered with the relief found in dreams, where friends who have passed into the unknowable realms are reunited and pale fantasies blossom in cheer.
12" Lp
December 31, 2020
October 2, 2020
October 2, 2020
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