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Hell Mask - The Secret Fire of Agartha

The Secret Fire of Agartha
The Secret Fire of Agartha
1. Dreaming of Agartha
2. Pyramids at Night
3. The Caves of the Old Ones
4. Battle With the Crystal Troll
5. The Coast of an Asgardian Sea
6. Warm Winds Push Us to the Central Sun
7. Storm Clouds in the Distance
8. Sea Fairy
9. The Outskirts of Shambalah
10. The Road to Shambalah
11. The Ruins of Shambalah / The Valley of the Hearts
12. Temple of the Sacred Fire
13. The Clear Light of a Sacred Flame
14. The Thing under the Temple
15. The Unspeakable Abomination from the Void
16. Dawn's Light Shines Through the Darkness
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January 1, 2017
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January 1, 2017
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